The project

The project “Geoclima” aims at developing an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) allowing the user to manage, analyze and visualize the information which is directly or indirectly related to climate and its future projections in Greece.

The project final product is an interactive open access GIS web application through which users are able to analyse and visualize the climate information.

You can visit the Geoclima application by clicking here


The main scope of the project is the development of a user friendly integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) that will provide interactive access to the al the climate related information for Greece.

The scientific and technical objectives of the project are:

  • Collection and homogenization of climate and environmental related information for Greece
  • Estimation of future climate change, based on existing regional climate model simulations and on the high resolution climatic simulation (10 Km) that will performed for Greece
  • Compilation of an integrated uniform geographic database which will collect and organize past and the present climate related information for Greece, the observed climate change and the future projections. The database will include the first order (conventional and satellite) and second order climatic information (e.g. climatic indices) and environmental information that interact with climate in the region of interest (e.g. geographical, social and economic data)
  • Mapping of first and second order climate data and creation of digital thematic maps, that will present clearly with high spatial (~20 Km) and temporal resolution (monthly, seasonal, yearly) the past and present climate and the future projections
  • Development of an integrated Geographic Information System that will allow the management, analysis and mapping of the climate information that will be produced within the framework of this project. The GIS will allow user interaction through a web portal.

The project was developed within the framework of the Action “Cooperation” and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and national resources.